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Beneful Dog Food At Walmart

Beneful Dog Food has always been synonymous with all natural and healthy ingredients for your pet.

I called the toll free number for Walmart to find out about Beneful products for dogs there. The associate was very kind and helpful and this is what I found out.

Yes Beneful is sold there. The dog food ranges in price according to whether it is dry or wet food, and the package size. They have Beneful wet dog food which comes in single containers at $1.79 each and packages of from 3 to 27. The three pack packages are $3.17 and the 27 pack packages are $14.98. The Beneful dry dog food comes in 151/2 lb bags at $13.98 to 40 lb bags at 33.98. I asked the associate if Beneful Dog Food Healthy Weight With Real Salmon was sold at Walmart and she told me no, it wasn’t. I also asked the associate if Walmart has a wet food Beneful Healthy Weight and more information click here.

With Real Salmon option and she told me no it does not. I also asked the associate if there are coupons available to buy Beneful products and she told me there are not. But, there are Beneful products on special now. You can get 12 3oz cans of the beef chicken or lamb flavor for $6.97 and you can get the dry dog food in beef flavor in the 31 lb bag for $26.98. I asked the associate also when does Walmart roll back prices on their Beneful Dog Food. She told me she didn’t know.

In summary, yes you can get your favorite Beneful products at Walmart and yes they do go on sale from time to time. And since Walmart is famous for their Roll Backs we do know that Beneful will probably be in the Roll Back category from time to time. We just don’t know when and what Beneful knows.