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Adam Milstein Warns That Anti-Semitism Is Rising

Adam Milstein is a well known Jewish philanthropist. Besides donating a lot of money for the Jewish community and for Israel, he is known as an activist who speaks out against anti-semitism. Now, Adam Milstein is warning, anti-semitism is rising on both the right and the left, and

Adam Milstein explains that anti-semitism has existed throughout the ages. First, it had to do with people blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus. Later, it was the Nazis with their hatred for the Jews and their ideas of racial superiority. Now, we are seeing a resurgence of anti-semitism. According to the ADL, anti-semitism in Western Europe is at an all time high since the Holocaust. That is why immigration from Western European countries has risen dramatically and reached an all time high in 2015. People are simply fleeing the countries there because of the rising anti-semitism.

Hate crimes in the United States are targeted towards Jews sixty percent of the time. There has been a fifty percent increase in anti-semitism during the past year.

Anti-semitism is alive and thriving on college campuses in the United States. The radical left has joined forces with radical Islam in order to spread hate towards Jews and Israel. They are pushing the BDS movement, which seeks to delegitimize Israel and deny the right of the Jewish people to have a state in their homeland.

Anti-semitism is rising on the right as well. Neo-Nazi groups are marching in places like Charlottesville. These kinds of people usually hate Israel as well.

Adam Milstein warns that the attempts of the BDS movement to deny Israelis the right to exist is very similar to the way the Nazis were boycotting Jewish stores before the Holocaust. He says that they are just taking a page out of an old book. They are doing what antisemites have done throughout the ages.

Anti-semitism must not be tolerated, regardless of which form it takes. Whether it is on the right or the left, we must speak out against it.

Adam Milstein is a real estate entrepreneur and the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, and more information click here.

Sahm Adrangi Serves as Chief Investment Officer for Kerrisdale Capital Management

Sahm Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009 and now serves as the firm’s Chief Investment Officer. He’s a Canadian born in Iran and now living in New York City. Sahm Andrangi graduated from Yale University in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. He began his financial career as an analyst for Deutsche Bank’s leveraged finance group.

He moved on to work as an analyst for Chanin Capital Partners, working with the bankruptcy restructuring group. They are a boutique investment bank. Sahm Adrangi continued his distinguished career by moving up to Longacre Fund Management where he analyzed a $2 billion fund of distressed debt.

One of the investment techniques Sahm Adrangi uses to make money is short selling. That is when an investor essentially borrows securities with the expectation they will make money by later selling the securities for a lower price. If the price of that security goes up, the short seller gets “squeezed” for the difference in price. When they cannot maintain such a position, they must sell at the higher price, taking a loss,

Many ordinary investors are suspicious of short selling and don’t like people who use the technique. However, in general professional traders realize securities go down in price as well as up, and they wish to make to make a profit no matter which way the price goes. They plan their trades by evaluating whether the current price undervalues or overvalues the security. How is it likely to change in the future? and more information click here.

Sahm Adrangi addressed these issues. He believes the Security and Exchange Commission allow short selling because they realize short sellers may have identified an overvalued security in the marketplace. This serves as a moderating counterinfluence when the majority of a market are pushing as asset’s price higher than it deserves, and

Sometimes this may be due to misrepresentation by the company involved, which the SEC does not like. They took action against the China Education Alliance and Chinacast. In so doing, they cited the work of Sahm Adrangi. They cited the analysis of another short seller when they filed a suit against St. Joe’s.

Beneful Dog Food At Walmart

Beneful Dog Food has always been synonymous with all natural and healthy ingredients for your pet.

I called the toll free number for Walmart to find out about Beneful products for dogs there. The associate was very kind and helpful and this is what I found out.

Yes Beneful is sold there. The dog food ranges in price according to whether it is dry or wet food, and the package size. They have Beneful wet dog food which comes in single containers at $1.79 each and packages of from 3 to 27. The three pack packages are $3.17 and the 27 pack packages are $14.98. The Beneful dry dog food comes in 151/2 lb bags at $13.98 to 40 lb bags at 33.98. I asked the associate if Beneful Dog Food Healthy Weight With Real Salmon was sold at Walmart and she told me no, it wasn’t. I also asked the associate if Walmart has a wet food Beneful Healthy Weight and more information click here.

With Real Salmon option and she told me no it does not. I also asked the associate if there are coupons available to buy Beneful products and she told me there are not. But, there are Beneful products on special now. You can get 12 3oz cans of the beef chicken or lamb flavor for $6.97 and you can get the dry dog food in beef flavor in the 31 lb bag for $26.98. I asked the associate also when does Walmart roll back prices on their Beneful Dog Food. She told me she didn’t know.

In summary, yes you can get your favorite Beneful products at Walmart and yes they do go on sale from time to time. And since Walmart is famous for their Roll Backs we do know that Beneful will probably be in the Roll Back category from time to time. We just don’t know when and what Beneful knows.


Avaaz, the Global Movement for Better Tomorrow

The Guardian once regarded Avaaz as the largest network of the online activist. Founded in January 2007 in New York, Avaaz promotes global activism. The movement agitates on issues like human and animal rights, climate change, poverty, corruption, and conflict. Their membership spans over 44 million from politicians to decision makers. The common objective is to ensure the voice, values, and views of everyone are considered in global decisions.


Avaaz working model

Ricken Patel, a Canadian-British is an executive director and one of the Avaaz founders. Patel has a master’s from Harvard University in Public Policy. Under Patel leadership, Avaaz, a member-funded movement, have a management team who organizes global campaigns in over 30 countries. The team communicates with their members via emails and its Linkedin.

Members suggest the campaign through the guidance of the specialist. A tester email is forwarded to 10,000 members for approval. After that, it is opened up to all members. Avaaz agitation tactics include online mobilization, public petitions, street rallies, and phone calls among others and what Avaaz knows.


Avaaz achievements

One of the greatest Avaaz victories was the mobilization of over 1.5 million people for the signing of Paris Climate Accord 2015. Avaaz organized street marches, mobilized funds and partnered with UN and many governments to fight for climate change and read full article.

In 2012, Avaaz fought against the control of the internet by corporate and government. Avaaz achieved to stop bills by US Congress to shut down the website, stopped EU parliament from rubber stamping ACTA and successfully advocated for the passing of Marco Civil law in Brazil.

Avaazers have successfully fought conservation of marine life. In 2010, they were able to petition the UK to set aside marine reserves. Also, in 2016 US was pressurized to approve Papahanaumokuakea as a protected marine reserve. Another achievement was fighting against UK government supporting of Britain BSkyB takeover by Murdoch and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

Talk Fusion Innovation for the Future

Talk Fusion took another giant leap in 2016. The Florida based company revealed an award winning product that will move the entire industry forward. The Video Chat Product, which utilizes WebRTC technology, drives face to face communication between any device.

The revolutionary product was unveiled and went live in March of 2016. The Talk Fusion Video Chat app is now available on Google Play Store and iTunes.


Technology Marketing Corporation noticed the recent innovation by Talk Fusion and rewarded the company with the prestigious Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. That honor is only allotted for those companies that excel in voice, data and communication developments within the past twelve months. Learn more:


Talk Fusion CEO and Founder Bob Reina was thrilled with the award from Technology Marketing Corporation. “Our talented IT team has big plans for the future of our All-in-One Video Marketing Solution,” he said. “They’re dedicated to staying ahead of the curve.”


Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page of Talk Fusion noted that this award is a sign of things to come for the tech company. “This is just a testament to how efficient and innovative Talk Fusion’s team is,” said Ryan. Ryan was especially pleased with providing an app for consumers and business owners that simplifies what was always a complex process. “It’s something that is completely priceless.”


Talk Fusion is located in Brandon, Florida but has representatives across the globe. The company uses independent representatives to market state of the art products like Talk Fusion’s Video Chat in 140 countries. For more info, you can visit


José Henrique Borghi Provides Reliable Advertising Service

José Henrique Borghi is leading advertising professional in BrazIL. His ad agency, Mullen Lowe, is well known for rendering top notch marketing and advertising solutions to businesses and organizations. If you are serious about getting your business in front of prospects, then get in touch with José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe.

Every business owner or marketer should engage in some kind of advertising to get more exposure and make sales. It is not enough to set up a business and hope that prospects will find you. You’ve got to let them know what you have to offer and how to get it and more information click here.

Before you hire an advertising agency, determine why you need their services. Do you only need freelance copywriting help or graphic design? Perhaps you need a full-scale advertising service, from marketing materials to placement of ads in various media outlets. If you need an extensive advertising and marketing campaign, with everything from ad creation to campaign management, you’ll certainly need to hire an advertising agency and learn more about Jose Borghi.

It is extremely important for you to have a good understanding of what your product or offer can do for your customers and be able to present it properly to them. If you’re sure how to handle it, then you will benefit tremendously from the expertise of José Henrique Borghi and his ad agency.

José Henrique Borghi and his experienced team at Mullen Lowe have been providing excellent marketing and advertising services to businesses and they can help you reach your target audience. José Henrique Borghi has the resources and talent to meet whatever marketing or advertising needs you may have and Jose’s lacrosse camp.

José Henrique Borghi has a thorough understanding of what it takes to get maximum exposure in the marketplace and achieve great success.

Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Broadcasts Topping Off Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern is a designer in real estate. In 2010 he took control of JMH Development, a family business, they have projects worth $500 million presently in the State of New York. JMH Development together with Jason Halpern continues to be committed to creating original and advanced commercial and rental buildings, through the state of New York.

Jason’s Own Time

The Aloft South Beach will be a major hotel since 2009 to be opened in South Beach. The scheme, developed by Madden Real Estate Ventures and JMH Development, includes adaptive recycle of the significant Motel Ankara and also inclusive is an innovative new story tower. The hotel will have larger rooms as compared to its competitors averaging above 360 feet.

“We’re enthusiastic about the topping off of the Aloft South Beach,” said Jason Halpern, Chief, JMH Development, having a track record of renovating structures which are historical. “Topping off the building marks a significant milestone in the Building procedure and motions the establishment of the subsequent stage as we work towards the progressing completion and opening of the firm.”

The new Aloft South Beach location will be at the heart of South Beach, a block away from Miami Beach shores, minutes away from numerous art galleries, restaurants, and boutiques, Miami Beach Center, the Bass Museum of Art and various night clubs.

DanieldelaVega, AvivSiso, Laura Garcia, LouisBuckworth, ThomasJuulHansen and JasonHalpern

About JMH Development

JMH Development is a top, full-serviced real estate growth company with skill as a designer of key domestic and commercial properties in the U.S. JMH has been innovative in creating unique possessions in the extravagance group; JMH has been an innovator in developing unique and well-situated properties like Brooklyn and Williamsburg in burgeoning markets.

A recent achievement the firm made was three hundred and forty extravagant residential rentals from a major restoration of one hundred and eighty-four Kent Avenue. JMH recently developed an assortment of nine luxurious townhouses in the momentous Cobble Hill. JMH is devoted to successful, high quality and long-term properties throughout the state.

Hussain Sajwani Journey to Real Estate Investment

Hussain Sajwani is a self-made real estate billionaire from Saudi Arabia. He is a Dubai-based mogul with massive investments in the real estate industry. At 64 years of age, he is the proud owner of Damac Properties. Prior to that, Hussain Sajwani had his interests in the food industry and had founded a food service firm, which he still owns up to date.


Hussain first worked with the United States army in 1991 during the first Iraqi war. This was during the operation code named “desert storm” by the United States army. He remembers the experience with nostalgia and adds that it was a remarkable experience. He further adds that since then, they have worked with Americans in different parts of the globe including in the Gulf, Bosnia, and Somalia.


His experience is, however, not only restricted to food service and the army, he has also worked with Bechtel, a construction company in America. The food business he was engaged in is what assisted him to get friends in high places internationally. Hussain Sajwani has been associated with the president of the United States Donald Trump. They have been described to have a cordial business and social relationship with the president. Hussain adds that the Sajwani family has dined with the Trump family. Donald trump once described the Hussain Sajwani family as “The most beautiful people.”


About Damac Properties


Damac Properties is a real estate company that specializes in the development of high-end properties in Dubai. Hussain Sajwani is the company’s founder and chairman. It was formed in 2002 after the government of Dubai made it legal for foreigners to own land in the Emirates. The Damac owner, Hussain, foresaw the increase in demand for apartments by foreigners that would be brought about by this move. In this wisdom, he bought a piece of land in town and started the construction of a 38 storey residential apartment.


Six months before beginning the construction of Damac, Hussain had already managed to sell some units of his building. Sajwani has also collaborated with Donald Trump, in the year 2013, through the construction of two golf courses named after Trump. Hussain Sajwani, nevertheless, is a philanthropic businessman. He donated AED 2 million to an initiative of the Dubai government that aims to clothe poor children around the world. This campaign took place during Ramadan and was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.


Follow Hussain Sajwani on Facebook.

Sheldon Lavin, Building A Quality Food Empire

Sheldon Lavin began his career as an outsider to the meat industry more than 43 years ago. He comes from a strong banking background and has seen many successes before and since ending that chapter in his life as an investor and executive in the banking industry, having at one point owned his own financial firm.

Sheldon Lavin since become synonymous with the OSI Group and has served as the Chairman and CEO of the company, transforming it from the small burger supplier it was to the global food supplier of various types of foodstuffs that it is now.

The OSI Group provides service to not only food chains but also to retail suppliers. It provides work for over 20,000 employees across the world. Lavin has expressed his pride in the uniqueness of the the OSI Group’s work ethic and describes it as being very family oriented and that those who work for the OSI Group tend to stick around for a long time, so longevity is hardly an issue. There is little turnover due to the amount of employee satisfaction in the workplace. Sheldon Levin has experienced numerous awards, most relevantly he is a trustee of the Ronald McDonald House.

Read more: Sheldon Lavin Receives 2015 Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP

Just how did Sheldon Lavin go from the banking industry to OSI Group? Lavin started out working for Otto & Sons back in 1970 in a Financial Advisory Position. Otto & Sons is the predecessor company that existed before it eventually became OSI Group, so it could easily be said that Lavin was dedicated to the company since nearly the very beginning. He initially declined an ownership position with Otto & Sons since it was very different from what he normally did in his practice but did agree at the start to take up a consultant position. He made this deal on the idea that, should he be taken on as an partner, he would have just as much sway in the company as the other owners. Eventually his involvement did lead him to become a partner, leading to him joining McDonald’s as a full time partner to help service what was at that point known as OSI Group further.

Jason Hope: The Internet Of Things

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur and well known writer when it comes to technology, and according to him, the next big wave is going to be in the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things is a term used to describe the way that different devices interact and sync with each other in order to maximize efficiency. An example of this could be turning on your lights with your phone, or buses interacting with traffic data.

Jason Hope believes that this is where the biggest advancement in technology will be for years to come. He states that even though right now the Internet of Things is mainly just convenience for consumers, in the future it will allow society to become safer and cleaner. An example of this is that with traffic and conditions data interacting with public transportation, we can greatly improve the speed and safety at which public transportation operates. By making this a greater option, more people would be inclined to take public transportation thus creating less traffic and emissions and increasing the flow of traffic. Not only does this apply to city though, but also to rural areas where traffic monitoring can create greater emergency response times.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. He is known as a philanthropist with a focus on education, medical, and technology. Hope is known to donate large sums of money to places such as SENS (which focuses on defeating aging) and public education systems around his community.

Learn more about Jason Hope: