Pressure for Peace in Israel Not Helpful

If there is no longer progress in bringing peace to Israel, it is not the Israeli people’s lack of boldness in their decision making. Constructive international engagement is what is needed. Not disapproval.

Daniel Taub, ambassador of Israel to the United Kingdom, returned to Israel in after four years of working in the UK. Much progress had been made in terms of bilateral cooperation, and many conversations regarding prospects for peace had taken place. The belief that the best Britain can do to encourage peace in the Middle East is to put pressure on Israel is a cause for concern. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

In recent years, the pressure has been plentiful. Resolutions and campaigns standing against Israel have all attempted to coerce and control. Israel’s response, however, has been firm, shown by the the re-election of the very government their efforts have tried to condemn. Instead, the most progressive steps for peace have been a result of the international community’s empathizing with their concerns.

Daniel Taub believes it is not that the Israeli people have lost boldness in their decisions that progress towards peace has come to a halt. Rather, the polls show that the majority desire ongoing peace with the Palestinians. Those same polls, however, uncover Israel’s skepticism towards the possibility of such a peace. This is partly due to their disbelief in the international community keeping its promises.

Despite the desire for peace, Israel’s outlook towards the promises of the international community regarding Gaza, Lebanon, and the surrounding region, they fear that an evacuated West Bank might turn into yet another cause for attack against them. This time, closer to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

In such a volatile territory, with anarchistic areas being dominated by ruthless jihadist extremists and Iranian proxies, the Israeli people are confounded by the international community’s stance towards their region remaining mostly unchanged.

They have accepted that a different future requires different thinking and a welcoming of opportunities to work with states which they have not worked with before. Still, Daniel Taub says the discussion on peace continues as if Israel and Palestine exist in a vacuum.

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