Adam Milstein Warns That Anti-Semitism Is Rising

Adam Milstein is a well known Jewish philanthropist. Besides donating a lot of money for the Jewish community and for Israel, he is known as an activist who speaks out against anti-semitism. Now, Adam Milstein is warning, anti-semitism is rising on both the right and the left, and

Adam Milstein explains that anti-semitism has existed throughout the ages. First, it had to do with people blaming the Jews for the death of Jesus. Later, it was the Nazis with their hatred for the Jews and their ideas of racial superiority. Now, we are seeing a resurgence of anti-semitism. According to the ADL, anti-semitism in Western Europe is at an all time high since the Holocaust. That is why immigration from Western European countries has risen dramatically and reached an all time high in 2015. People are simply fleeing the countries there because of the rising anti-semitism.

Hate crimes in the United States are targeted towards Jews sixty percent of the time. There has been a fifty percent increase in anti-semitism during the past year.

Anti-semitism is alive and thriving on college campuses in the United States. The radical left has joined forces with radical Islam in order to spread hate towards Jews and Israel. They are pushing the BDS movement, which seeks to delegitimize Israel and deny the right of the Jewish people to have a state in their homeland.

Anti-semitism is rising on the right as well. Neo-Nazi groups are marching in places like Charlottesville. These kinds of people usually hate Israel as well.

Adam Milstein warns that the attempts of the BDS movement to deny Israelis the right to exist is very similar to the way the Nazis were boycotting Jewish stores before the Holocaust. He says that they are just taking a page out of an old book. They are doing what antisemites have done throughout the ages.

Anti-semitism must not be tolerated, regardless of which form it takes. Whether it is on the right or the left, we must speak out against it.

Adam Milstein is a real estate entrepreneur and the founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, and more information click here.

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