Fabletics Innovates by Challenging Context

There are many rules in fashion that people have to follow. A lot of them are unwritten. At the same time, there are events and different contexts that have dress codes that people are encouraged to follow. The only issue that people have with fashion is when the dress code is more or less unwritten. One example of the unwritten dress code is in physical activity. While it is considered normal to wear clothes that are designated for physical exercise, it has not been established that the clothing worn for these activities have to be so boring and uninspired.


Kate Hudson was aware of this issue in the fashion industry. She has decided to build a brand that is going to challenge some of the established traditions of fashion, particularly that there is no room for diversity in athletic clothing. With Fabletics, Kate Hudson has brought forth diversity in many different ways. One was in the styles of clothing offered to women for fitness. Another was in the size of clothes. Kate Hudson is aware of all of the women that have been largely ignored by the fashion industry and has decided that high fashion should not be a reward for people who happen to be thin. High fashion can be awarded to people who are at least trying to reach fitness goals. It can even be an encouragement to some women.


With her brand, Kate Hudson has worked with some business partners to come up with something that is very unique. This has resulted in a business model that is looking to take on Amazon. One of the reasons that Fabletics is a formidable competitor is that it brings something to the table that differentiates it from the other online retailers.


Given that Amazon is in control of a large portion of the fashion industry, Fabletics does have a tall order to feel. Fortunately, Fabletics is taking a different approach. Instead of focusing on the products being offered, the brand is focusing more on the customers that are buying the products. The customer is the decider of the next line of products.

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