Betsy DeVos: Accomplishments as the New Education Secretary

The 11th United States Secretary of Education has been serving the government for almost a year, and she managed to make a mark in America’s history as she kept on lobbying the needed change in the educational system of the United States. She accomplished so many things in the field of education, while serving the administration of President Donald Trump. Many people are criticizing her actions in promoting school choice and distributing school vouchers because they believe that public funds are being drained by her programs. However, many people are backing her because they knew that the public funds are being used properly.


Betsy DeVos wanted to change the American educational system, and she wanted free education to be given to everyone. The Michigan billionaire has been actively participating in discussions and conferences that tackle school choice, or the freedom of parents to send their children to private schools that are seen as an alternative to public schools. Public funds will be used to support the children, and she stated that it will give them the capability to learn more and it will enhance their skills and knowledge. The school vouchers she is giving away to poor but deserving students is being taken from her own pocket, and many people are complementing her generosity.


As the new United States Secretary of Education, the performance of Betsy DeVos is outstanding. She managed to do several accomplishments, including the removal of fees for college students who loaned from the government, and providing assistance to students who have so much debt. She is also working with private student loan companies to provide assistance to students who wanted to go to college but does not have the means to do so. She is spearheading the trillion dollar educational assistance program of the government, hoping that it will transform the educational system in the United States to be one of the most competitive on the planet.


Despite her busy schedule working with the government, Betsy DeVos does not forget helping her community. The foundation she established with her husband in 1989 continues to donate money to different institution that promotes a conservative way of life. They are also donating some of their money to Christian missionaries and Christian churches, and they are also reported giving some of their wealth to organizations and groups who are promoting a conservationist society. Betsy DeVos is also a lover of art. She is donating funds to local and national museums, especially for renovation purposes. She is also hosting a conference with different museum curators, offering them tips on how they can value the art work inside the museums and art galleries. Overall, the couple donated millions of dollars to foundations and charities, making them one of the most generous families in the United States.


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