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Betsy DeVos: Accomplishments as the New Education Secretary

The 11th United States Secretary of Education has been serving the government for almost a year, and she managed to make a mark in America’s history as she kept on lobbying the needed change in the educational system of the United States. She accomplished so many things in the field of education, while serving the administration of President Donald Trump. Many people are criticizing her actions in promoting school choice and distributing school vouchers because they believe that public funds are being drained by her programs. However, many people are backing her because they knew that the public funds are being used properly.


Betsy DeVos wanted to change the American educational system, and she wanted free education to be given to everyone. The Michigan billionaire has been actively participating in discussions and conferences that tackle school choice, or the freedom of parents to send their children to private schools that are seen as an alternative to public schools. Public funds will be used to support the children, and she stated that it will give them the capability to learn more and it will enhance their skills and knowledge. The school vouchers she is giving away to poor but deserving students is being taken from her own pocket, and many people are complementing her generosity.


As the new United States Secretary of Education, the performance of Betsy DeVos is outstanding. She managed to do several accomplishments, including the removal of fees for college students who loaned from the government, and providing assistance to students who have so much debt. She is also working with private student loan companies to provide assistance to students who wanted to go to college but does not have the means to do so. She is spearheading the trillion dollar educational assistance program of the government, hoping that it will transform the educational system in the United States to be one of the most competitive on the planet.


Despite her busy schedule working with the government, Betsy DeVos does not forget helping her community. The foundation she established with her husband in 1989 continues to donate money to different institution that promotes a conservative way of life. They are also donating some of their money to Christian missionaries and Christian churches, and they are also reported giving some of their wealth to organizations and groups who are promoting a conservationist society. Betsy DeVos is also a lover of art. She is donating funds to local and national museums, especially for renovation purposes. She is also hosting a conference with different museum curators, offering them tips on how they can value the art work inside the museums and art galleries. Overall, the couple donated millions of dollars to foundations and charities, making them one of the most generous families in the United States.


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US Money Reserve Comes to the Aid of Hurricane Victims

Following the Hurricane Harvey disaster that hit part of Austin Texas, US Money Reserve announced a partnership deal with ADRN (Austin Disaster Relief Network). ADRN is a non-profit community organization established to help families and individuals hit by disasters such as the hurricane. The initiative from US Money Reserve was met with excitement and appreciation from ADRN. According to US Money Reserve, they are preparing relief fund in which 100% of the donation will be directed to ADRN to help them meet the needs of the hurricane’s survivors. As a move to encourage donations, US Money Reserve plans to match the donation that YouCaring made to ADRN amounting $100,000.


The Hurricane Harvey Effect


The US Money Reserve was very disturbed by the Hurricane Harvey hit. According to them, the hurricane had hit close home. The devastating strike swept through Texas Gulf coast thus affecting a number of American homes. The headquarters of US Money Reserve is in Austin Texas and so the foundation members were genuinely affected. The partnership deal with ADRN is a way for US Money Reserve to give back to the Texas community. Hurricane Harvey is the first major hurricane to hit the US since Hurricane Wilmer over a decade ago. In 2005, the Hurricane Wilmer left Texas in disarray and the American community worried. The sad thing was that the disaster claimed lives. The partnership deal is meant to help in every way possible to lessen the hurricane’s effect.


About US Money Reserve


The US Money Reserve was established in 2001, and since it’s founding, the Foundation has grown to become one of the most dependent financial organization. At the moment, US Money Reserve is the largest private distributor of gold, platinum, and silver tender programs in the US. The foundation was founded to offer guidance to investors who are looking at purchasing precious metals such as gold and silver. Through the presence of US Money Reserve, customers are able to benefit from expert advice in respect to coin research and profitable market. Their services have been recognized by the Business Consumer Alliance and they enjoy an “AAA” rating from the agency. Currently, Us Money Reserve is led by Philip N. Diehl, the former director of US Mint.




US Money Reserve has been supportive of the American community since its founding. Other than offering expert advice in respect to precious metal trade, the financial institution is dedicated to social responsibilities. They are always ready to come to the rescue of disadvantaged and disaster hit Americans. Learn more:



Aloha Construction Describes Three Ways Companies Can Give Back to the Communities

Aloha Construction is a construction firm based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Dave Farbaky, the CEO, has guided the company from the tiny family-owned business it was to the giant it is now with over 18,000 projects completed since 2008, and more information click here.

Dave believes in the importance of businesses to give back to communities they exist in. Giving to charity builds a right image for the company and consequently an increase in sales. It is also an ideal way of marketing your business and brand. Aloha Foundation has involved itself in multiple charity events. Dave suggests excellent means through which a company can get involved.

A company can contact local organizations, foundations, and charities and select one that majors in an area related to the firm. Any help given to the agencies goes into fostering a long-lasting relationship between your company and the organization. Aloha Construction sponsored underprivileged kids from The Bloomington Boys and Girls Club for a hockey game, buying them tickets and box seats. The kids will not forget the night out anytime soon.

Starting a foundation is a perfect way to give back. To ensure sufficient philanthropy, starting your foundation is your best bet. It increases your options and puts you in the driver’s seat for charitable donations. Aloha Construction has the Dave Farbaky Foundation which sponsored the shopping spree in partnership with Learning Express Toys Company for kids from needy families. Four kids got toys worth $7000. The firm plans to sponsor even more events for the Illinois children.

Sponsoring a local event or team is also a way of supporting the community. The support here is giving annual donations in return for your business’ name on the event, arena or team. A company gets to market its brand as well as support deserving kids. Aloha Construction supports the local high school football team with cash, equipment, kits and their Linkedin.

Giving back has a lot of benefits to any business. By doing good to others, you also feel good about yourself. You also market your brand, and Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

What You Should Know About the Technology Guru, Jason Hope

Jason Hope recently spoke about his inspiration in business and his love for technology and philanthropy. He answered several other questions in an interview, and aspiring entrepreneurs can pick one or two lessons from this futurist and successful investor. The futurist has invented the Internet of Things, which he terms as the next big thing in the technology world. The Internet of Things (IoT) is set to improve the quality of life and make business operations easier and faster than before. Jason Hope has high hopes and expectations about how IoT will impact on various sectors of the economy including the transport sector as well as in the lives of people living in rural areas.

During the interview, Jason was asked about where he draws his inspiration from especially on business issues. Hope said that he draws inspiration from business books. He added that technology is his life, and it is part of him, so he spends time reading books online rather than offline. Jason said that he reads journals and scientific articles every week, which he finds amusing. He promised to share more about the journals and articles on Facebook and Twitter. Jason said that his primary focus right now is to do things that will accelerate human intelligence through technology. He further notes that he spends time reading and sharing matters on medical, scientific and technological advancements, and

When asked about the recent purchase he has made that has enabled him to improve his business, Jason said that he sold his house after being on the market for five years. He said that the sale freed up some resources, which he will put into better use than before. Jason notes that his current primary goal is to assist his local community and inspire aspiring tech gurus and futurists. He has a grant program that supports high school and college students, which he hopes that it will promote and encourage them so that the society will grow as a whole.

Jason Hope says that he has a passion for furthering research into preventive measures and the anti-aging process. Hope said that the efforts of SENS Foundation impressed him, so he decided to support the organization. He further added that SENS foundation focuses on disease prevention, unlike other charities that focus on curing diseases. The fact that the foundation uses technology to reverse or slow down aging process also impressed the tech guru. The SENS Foundation focuses on reversing lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory diseases through advanced technology, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Paul Mamphilly- prospective stock market investment industries

Paul Mamphilly is an American investor in the stock markets. He rose into the limelight after he won the famous Templeton Foundation competition awards. In the competition which had attracted some of the best minds in the stock markets. Paul Mamphilly won after converting $50 million investment to $88 million at a time when the economic environment was not favorable for trading. What proved his prowess is that he did not short his stocks at the time. Paul Maumphilly joined the stock markets in 1993 when he was working as a research assistant at Deutch bank. Paul has worked for other organizations and has at one time been a hedge fund manager on Wall Street.

After working for some time in the field, he left Wall Street and decided to concentrate on private practice as well as offer educational assistant to people who did not have so much knowledge on the stock market trading. He established a newsletter known as Profited unlimited. Subscribers of this newsletter receive a regular analysis of various stock markets and opportunities that are available. He realized that there is scant information on the majority of the people on how they should invest in the stock market. To eliminate the confusion that exists, Paul Mamphilly has been trying as, much as possible to educate as many people as possible and

Paul Mamphilly has written extensively on the opportunities that are available for stock investors. According to him, people should try to study the prevailing economic environment and make predictions on how the economy is likely to behave in the future. The biggest hint to stock market investment is spotting changes in people’s behavior. People are the consumers of the economy, and how they behave, that is exactly how the economy will behave. If people decide to start consuming particular products, the economy will favor those products. People who invest in such products will be the biggest beneficiaries. People who want to make lucrative investments will, therefore, need to be observant of changes in human behaviors in term of consuming particular products.

Paul Mamphilly advises stock investors to concentrate more on technology trend. They are likely to give better returns than other sectors. He gives an example of people who invested in the cell phone companies just when they hit the market. Today they are big beneficiaries of the advancement that we see in the industry and

Paul Mamphilly advises people to take a keen look into three industries right now. He talks about the electric car manufactures, precision medicine companies, and food delivery systems.