Quality Services-Securus Technology

We Securus Technologies are one of the leading organizations in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology resolutions for the purpose of public security, correction, investigation, as well as monitoring. Ever since our establishment, we have been providing services to correctional facilities around the United States of America. We as an organization we have been making sure that we have a new product in the market at list once a week. Our products are mainly designed to efficiently help the correctional official to adequately prevent as well as solve criminal issues in their facilities. We are glad that we have been receiving numerous emails as well as letters from our esteemed clients telling us how our products and services have been of great help to them. Listed below are some samples of the letters and the emails.

  • One of our customers mentioned that recently they were listening to inmates conversation with their family and the call record will be of great help in the court case.
  • Our investigative tool has been of benefit when it comes to carrying out investigation in the case of harassment complaint, and even use of drugs in the correctional bodies.
  • Another pleased client said that for an extended period their organization has been using our services and products and are happy that we have been restructuring our products.
  • Our customers are pleased because of our LBS services which we have been using in conjunction with other criminal experts groups.
  • Our telephone services have also been helping correctional facilities and other companies detect contraband goods in their organizations.

Securus Technologies has its Headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and ever since its inception it has been expanding its services in the Northern America region. We pride ourselves on being one of the leading correctional facility service providers in the United States of America. We have been serving more than 35000 correctional institutions, prisons, and jails, with more than 1200000 prisoners enjoying our services as well as products.

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