Sheldon Lavin, Building A Quality Food Empire

Sheldon Lavin began his career as an outsider to the meat industry more than 43 years ago. He comes from a strong banking background and has seen many successes before and since ending that chapter in his life as an investor and executive in the banking industry, having at one point owned his own financial firm.

Sheldon Lavin since become synonymous with the OSI Group and has served as the Chairman and CEO of the company, transforming it from the small burger supplier it was to the global food supplier of various types of foodstuffs that it is now.

The OSI Group provides service to not only food chains but also to retail suppliers. It provides work for over 20,000 employees across the world. Lavin has expressed his pride in the uniqueness of the the OSI Group’s work ethic and describes it as being very family oriented and that those who work for the OSI Group tend to stick around for a long time, so longevity is hardly an issue. There is little turnover due to the amount of employee satisfaction in the workplace. Sheldon Levin has experienced numerous awards, most relevantly he is a trustee of the Ronald McDonald House.

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Just how did Sheldon Lavin go from the banking industry to OSI Group? Lavin started out working for Otto & Sons back in 1970 in a Financial Advisory Position. Otto & Sons is the predecessor company that existed before it eventually became OSI Group, so it could easily be said that Lavin was dedicated to the company since nearly the very beginning. He initially declined an ownership position with Otto & Sons since it was very different from what he normally did in his practice but did agree at the start to take up a consultant position. He made this deal on the idea that, should he be taken on as an partner, he would have just as much sway in the company as the other owners. Eventually his involvement did lead him to become a partner, leading to him joining McDonald’s as a full time partner to help service what was at that point known as OSI Group further.

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